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Complete Warden Kit - BASIC

$105.90 $84.50

Manufacturer: Emergency Management Products

Product Information

Introducing our new BASIC - WARDEN KIT

This kit  includes the essentials you will need during an evacuation procedure.

The Basic Kit includes :

1 x Bag with WARDEN KIT printed - Red or Yellow available
1 x Clipboard with WARDEN on the cover
1 x Basic Pocket First Aid Kit  
1 x Notepad

1 x 3 Pack White Board Markers for door and room clearance markings
1 x Four colour pen
1 x Pencil
1 x High Lighter
1 x Accs Case
4 x Tamper Seals for bag security
1 x 2 Way multi attached LED torch  / flood light
1 x Whistle

Product Code: WK-BASIC


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